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Hello everyone, I am looking for these cards below.

Trying to wrap up the Red Ink Set before I move on to the Blue Ink. Would like to get close to completing them before 2012 comes out.

As everyone knows I thought I had 9 of these from MRMAGNUM75, but the guy lied and never shipped his end. Got refunded in full so have paypal for these to spend.

If you have any of these, please post scan here or PM me one with price. I will not send money unless I see a scan first...

I am very easy to work with and pay instantly

2011 Red Ink Needs

Von Miller
Taiwan Jones
Jordan Todman
Daniel Thomas
Delone Carter
Bilal Powell
Cam Newton

2010 Red Ink Needs

Sam Bradford
Gerhart never seen
G. McCoy
No one has these? Anywhere lol
i have the berry..let me know what you are looking to shell out for it
(02-08-2012 03:26 PM)go cardinals Wrote: [ -> ]i have the berry..let me know what you are looking to shell out for it

Hello, thanks for the post, PM sent........
"Go Cardinals" I have not heard back from you, please lmk what you are looking for on it

Anyone else have any of these please let me know. Will also pay finders fee if anyone helps me find 1 or more of these red inks>>>>>>>>>>>BIGGER THE CARD>>>>>>BIGGER THE FINDERS FEE....

Thanks everyone...
Picked up a Edmond Gates Red Ink off Beckett Marketplace yesterday. Still looking for the rest.

Have a offer for anyone out there.

If you find a card on my list above and I am able to buy it I will pay you a finders fee of 10% of what I buy the card for

For example, say you find a Cam Newton Red Ink, I buy it for 350, I will pay you 35 bucks paypal gift same day as I get card in hand and close deal. Will also send you tracking to assure you I am not joking so you will see exactly when I get card in hand.

So while you are out there looking and talking to friends in the hobby keep me in mind and make a little card money in the meantime.

PMs work best for faster reply
Go cardinals, I sent you a PM with my offer 4 days ago, let me know what you want to do please

Any anyone else out there who can help me find any my wants I will hook you up, just LMK>...........thanks
(02-08-2012 03:26 PM)go cardinals Wrote: [ -> ]i have the berry..let me know what you are looking to shell out for it

Still no reply from you after almost a week, sent another PM tonight, let me know...

If anyone has any of these in red or blue I do not have please post or PM...would like to get some trades completed here on beckett soon....
Anyone today.........finders fee of 10% will be paid to anyone who helps me find the ones on the list...WIll send it to you paypal gift..

For instance I found the edmond gates on beckett for 45, someone would have made a quick 5 bucks, but oh well............
Bump it up..........
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