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I was told at the Expo in the fall that they were working on Marketplace at that time and once it was done they would be moving on to Matchmaker.

I was also told that there would be updates posted to keep us up to date.

I have not seen any updates nor heard anything about Matchmaker.

over the the last couple of years I would like to think Beckett has learned that

A full year since the launch of the "New" site and still no matchmaker system that already existed somewhat in the "Old" site.

Beckett should be able to do better than this.

Please, please, please, bring back the old system where you could click on one of your collections and see who had one of the card you had marked as "need" or who needed a card you had marked as "trade".

So much easier to find potential traders.
I wanted to mark the Feb 1st date with a thread but decided it would be useless. I think we just have to accept that this is as good as it is going to get around here.
You mean ppl still believe what anyone from beckett claims to say on any type of deadline ????
They'll just keep on taking our money, making empty promises ("We're working on it") and not making any improvements. It seems like they started completely from scratch, scrapping any decent functionality from the old site.

I have been waiting on this as well.

Really miss the functionally of the old site. This one is more stable but what does that matter if it is harder to use.
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