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Full Version: Update on OPG
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So how often does the OPG's get updated when somebody points out errors? For the past year now i've been pointing out errors, going through proper channels and emailing the correct people with these errors. I continue to see them go uncorrected. Is there anyway to get these fixed? Or, like typical beckett fashion, are we going to have to continue to deal with dead ends and people who really don't care about the PAYING customer?
ive had errors corrected quickly, as have others

maybe there's a reason your submissions werent ocrrected
or, it could just be falling through the cracks
Oh yeah? Well, thats good to hear. I've submitted my corrections to the correct email as listed by beckett. My corrects were in fact errors. Mis spelling of names, Assigning cards to wrong names, etc.

Did yours happen to be only in a particular sport or did you happen to have them fixed across the board?
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