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Full Version: 1 Box 2011 Showcase
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Busted another box of this great product. All cards loaded into my org for trade. Here are the 3 Hits. Of course the best one came out of the first pack so i didn't expect much out of the other two, but all 3 were solid.

[Image: 001-2.jpg]
Sweet Breakkkkkkkk!!!!!!
We need to work something out on that Gordon!
Very nice break indeed!!!
still love that set ( mines done ) wish I was rich I would build a master set of that too LOL
Too bad I'm not a Denny fan - that is a great swatch. Also love the Gordon since his AU goes outside the lines.

Nice break!

Good stuff man!!
Sweet stuff
I to liked how the Gordon auto is outside the box. The Hamlin is sold and the Gordon is pending sale right now.
(02-07-2012 01:56 PM)pretz6969 Wrote: [ -> ]....the Gordon is pending sale right now.

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