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Newer to the Baseball forums hence I usually just trade football but my father and I have A TON of older 1960's some late 50's baseball and were looking to get some of the newer prospect autos such as:

-Matt Moore, Harper, Miller, Teheran, Trout, Bauer, Taillon, etc.

If you have any requests shoot me a PM or post here and I'll try and see if we have what youre looking for!!! Thanks
[Image: Mays.jpg]
[Image: Willie.jpg]
[Image: Or.jpg]
[Image: Pete.jpg]
[Image: Frank.jpg]
[Image: Clemente.jpg]
[Image: aaron.jpg]
Interested in trading but you need to adjust your card conditions.
ya... what do you suggest
interested in the mays
I need some prospect autos!!!
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