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just the hits , the stealth Box delivered A complete base set ( How come Press Pass can deliver darn near perfect coalition every time but tops and Panni just deliver Excuses ( and redemptions you will probably never see)
the numbers parallel was 3/99 of ryan newman, both the men. hit and the auto were of Mark Martin the auto #/25 and the medal of honor sheet metal #/99 ( both will be offered to Spazmatastic , if he doesn't want them then they will be for Sale/trade but on another site not the bay)
next was a box of 2012 Press Pass racing and it was a hot box got my ten purples #/35 plus a burning rubber #/15, . the other men card was a ultimate collection #/50 of Jeff Burton a nice 2 clr. ( yellow fire suit with a black patch . the cup chase was Dale Jr. thanks for looking you know where to find me if your interested in them
the martin medal of honor is gone
still got the auto if your interested spazamatastic
Can you post a scan? I don't see it in your PB yet! I am still waiting to hear from you about the Showcase AU too.
Nice hot box
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