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Full Version: Baseball for Football
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As always, looking to slim down my baseball - actually the end goal is to get rid of all of my baseball - so for Super Bowl Weekend, I am willing to trade 3x in your favor Baseball for Football. This obviously only applies to cards with BV's of $5.00 or less. If you are taking a ton of base, I may even go as high as 4-5x BV. Will even look at taking your football base!!!

I just don't follow baseball anymore and don't have much interest in these cards.

Please send open offers!

I've got about 25 cards from this year's Topps Prime set and a few 2010 Chrome cards. Do you have any interest in these? I don't collect football, so I haven't bothered to put them in my Org yet, but I will if you'd like to get a trade started. Thanks!
got a few football if you wanna take a look.
I'm pretty sure I still have some football for trade if you want to look.
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