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I really, really hate to do this but I severely need the $. I am going to put the cornerstone to my Mattingly collection (500 strong) up on the Bay but I wanted to give you guys first dibs. 1982 TCMA Columbus Clippers Minor League Team Set (26) including cool cards of Steve Balboni, a young Stevie Donohue (yanks fans know him well) and of course card #21 Don Mattingly (Closer to MINT than NRMT+, a possible PSA 9 or 10 I would guess). The most revered Mattingly out there, and here's your chance to not only get the card, but the entire team set as well. Paypal required. Let's negotiate, I will have to take the highest offer. Thanks and here's some pictures. I may also have to sell my 1982 Arby's set with Mattingly too.

Serious inquiries only please.

[Image: scan0119-1.jpg]

[Image: scan0120.jpg]

[Image: IMG_4859.jpg]
"Serious inquiries only please"

Well, I'd seriously love to have it Smile, but I'm probably seriously more in need of bread than you too! Sucks for us both. Mind telling me what you're looking to get though?
I have 2 of those so let me know what you get and if I were you I would get it graded as I thought a BGS 9.5 sold for $600.00 or close to it not to long ago.
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