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I have these 2 Autos of HOFer Gaylord Perry available for trade. I'm mainly looking for other Yankee autos or on-card HOFers I need but I will look thorugh bucket/lists. Please let me know if you'd be interested. Thanks!

Ultimate is GONE
[Image: perrytrade.jpg]
i dont have your wants, but check me for the auto on the left (one)

I have this HOF on card auto in my org and would be interested in the Classic Scripts perry auto.
Interested in the ultimate perry.
interested if you can find anything in my org
giants-I had some interest in the olt gold RC and castellanos letter auto

ande-Is it the holographic looking one like in the pic on the beckett page?

greek-I'm very interested in your molitor auto. I don't have one of him yet.

chuck-Did'nt see anything. Sorry.
I had not noticed they had the holo card pictured on the beckett page. The actual card is in the scan.

Ok. Thanks for the scan but I'm not the biggest fan of the regular 98 donruss sigs atuos for lower-end HOFers
you want the Olt for your perry?
Not sure if you checked me.
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