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the black diamond box and a pack of pinnacle. the best part of this box is that i needed each and every doub diamond, trip and quad for my set(not scaned), and a pretty nice swatch card
[Image: BoxofBDpackofpinnacle.jpg]the fowler auto was a nice hit, actually cracked 3 packs to get it, nothing spectacular in the other 2( a horcoff Captains for my Oil collection)

and another box of certified
[Image: certifiedboxfeb02-1.jpg]

the Landeskog is the Panini Player of the day set, i pulled 2 of him, a RNH, and ovechkin
Not bad
some nice cards there

congrats on your PC
just realized i had posted the wrong pic, i edited it now and actually have the BD scans now
Some decent stuff there for sure! That Fowler is great for only three packs, and that Espo is awesome! Congrats!

Nice break bro, love the Esposito!
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