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grabbed 2 more packs today, the one that my wife opened was so fat that it didnt even have the little Limited cardboard space filler thing, haha.(dont know what you'd call it)

[Image: Limitedbox5.jpg]

and the fat one
[Image: Limitedbox6.jpg]
The Net Presence are pretty cool, and the thickest card i have ever seen, love the kessler patch too. Hust like my first 2 packs both contained 8 cards instead of 7 like it says on the box. still not entirely sure what im going to do with my limited
That Ovie/Thomas Net Presenc eis SICK! Congrats on the great breaks!

i dont know why the last scan is upside down, i tried to edit it. it was orientated properly in my bucket. oh well
It's fine here... it's a delay between the two sites. It used to happen to me all of the time, but it goes away.

Sweet net presences
I love the Ovi and the Chara! Lmk!
Nice hits. The Thomas/Ovie is awesome. Would love a shot at the Matt Read if its for trade. LMK
great hits!!

love the kessler patch!
Nice break. Is the Kesler up for trade/sale?
like the staal
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