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Full Version: Trade Stuff---SCANS
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Just got some some I figured I'd throw on here for trade. If you're interested shoot me an offer or a PM. Thanks all!

[Image: AllenGinterRelic.jpg]

[Image: AllenGinterRelic2.jpg]

[Image: TradeStuff1.jpg]

[Image: TradeStuff2.jpg]

[Image: TradeStuff3.jpg]

[Image: GriffeyMetal-1.jpg]

[Image: 87Minis.jpg]

[Image: Refractors2.jpg]
will you check me for the YOUNG GUNZ
Open offer sent. Didn't see the Alex Rios card in your trade organize.
Can you give me a look for those minis? I have all of those cubs I sent you scans of.
Open offer sent.
please check me for the Matt Moore. Thanks
Check me for the Chipper if you still have it. I didn't see it in your org.
Check me for the Votto
Think I wrote a message in the trade screen, LMK
Offer sent
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