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Busted just a few more Limited and a Pinnacle box:

Pinnacle hit:

76's Sean:

[Image: 1-27-12007.jpg]

Pinnacle rookie autos in my opinion are the uglest autos of the year!

Limited, jersey cards were nothing special


[Image: 1-27-12014-1.jpg]
[Image: 1-27-12013.jpg]
[Image: 1-27-12015-1.jpg]
[Image: 1-27-12016-1.jpg]

Best hit of the day was this redemption card. Kind of funny, I guess Panini ran out of stickers or maybe a swatch:

[Image: 1-27-12021.jpg]

Good luck with your breaks!
sweet break, congrats!
i agree...i HATE the pinnacle autos...they are repulsive. btw, if that milt is for trade, i wouldnt mind a shot. thanks.
Not too bad on the Limited, and that's a decent hit on the Couturier. They are ugly as can be, though! Haha! Congrats!

ya the Rookies are bad, take an ok looking card and put a nasty looking sticker on it, what were they thinking
(02-03-2012 12:30 AM)rczubaty Wrote: [ -> ]ya the Rookies are bad, take an ok looking card and put a nasty looking sticker on it, what were they thinking

the pinnacle rookies are disgusting. i have no idea what chucklehead at Panini green lighted those.
It is good to see that I am not the only one that thought these Pinnacle rookies were the most ugly cards in the hobby!

I have enjoyed Pinnacle as a product this year and hit some awesome cards, but the rookies as the worst. I hit these other three rookies in my breaks:

[Image: ud030.jpg]
[Image: DonrussCuts020.jpg]
[Image: DonrussCuts007.jpg]

I also hit these in my Pinnacle breaks, so it is not like Panini doesn't know how to make a good card. The rookie autos must have been okayed or designed by the same person who approved their football product a couple of years ago that cut off the top of the players helmet.

[Image: DonrussCuts006.jpg]
[Image: DonrussCuts004.jpg]
[Image: 12-3-11017.jpg]

My favorite game used from Pinnacle

[Image: ud029-1.jpg]
[Image: DonrussCuts010-1.jpg]

Sold this one:

[Image: DonrussCuts011.jpg]

Thanks again for the comments above.
The Private Signings are my favorite signed inserts....

I'm going to guess the autograph on the Pinnacle rookies was a fairly late change...they wanted to offer autos on cards that likely did not have them to begin with as an extra bonus to the fans.

However bad a design it is i'll take the Autographed version over one that doesn't have an autograph
I am interested in the Private signings if they are for trade
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