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Hey guys, just wanted your thoughts on what you consider to be a 1/1? I've seen posts/sells about cards being 1/1 and they are like 25/25. I personally don't consider that a 1/1. (even though mathmatically you can reduce that to be 1/1 lol) But i think a 1/1 would be just that, when their is only 1 card made, and it states 1/1. Like printing plates. Not some card that is 25/99 or something.
Depends. Some people think the card number being the same as the player jersey number is a 1/1. For instance A Troy Aikman 8/25 might be considered a 1/1 since it's his jersey number. I also see some people who believe that the first or last off the print run are 1/1 as well.

The only TRUE 1/1 are the ones that say EXACTLY that 1 of 1 or 1/1
Im sure all will agree that a true 1/1 is acard stamped 1/1 or a plate. The 25/25 you refer to is most used on flea bay. But in certain cards it will hold a premium...
This is the only thing I consider a 1/1 is when there is only one made...example below

[Image: img320.jpg][Image: img321.jpg]
agree only stamped 1/1. it is nice to get jersey number, first card, last card etc...but in that case, EVERY number is a 1/1. lol
#15/15 <> 1/1 (It IS 1 of 15 though...)
[Image: paninigridirongearrookiegemscombosprime.jpg]

#5/5 <> 1/1 (It IS 1 of 5 though...)
[Image: certifiedmirroremerald.jpg]

#08/10 <> 1/1 (It is desirable by Bradford collectors though...)
[Image: toppsunrivaleddualautos.jpg]

#1/1 = 1/1
[Image: toppstributeautotriplerelicsred.jpg]

#1/1 = 1/1
[Image: toppsunrivaledautopatchplatinum.jpg]
1 of 1 or 1/1... NO others... mind you, I like picking up my PC players jersey number, but I WON'T pay a premium...
I agree with everyone. 1/1 stamped is a 1/1.

first, last, jersey number stamped cards are just that, stamped cards. Some collectors like them others don't care. A Sam Bradford 3/5 is a 1/1 because there is only one "3" made. It's not not a "true" 1/1.
I've seen some cards that are stamped 1 of 1 in really fancy writing, but I bet those are after-market 1/1's.
This is what I'm talking about:
[Image: after-market.jpg]
A card that's stamped 1/1 by the manufacturer.

As an alternate answer, I would also accept a card that has a PUBLISHED production quantity of one, but no such animals exist that I'm aware of.
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