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So I am trying to post on here a little more regularly to get to know everyone better....

I recently went to a local monthly show in my area with a little money in my pocket and a new project I was looking to move along. I am trying to buy a box of every year and every series of upper deck. I have just started and am planning to move VERY slowly and take my time to finish my project (including starting to build all the sets too). While there I was able to pick up 3 boxes that I havent gotten yet from early upper deck. I spent $40 for the 3 and realized quickly that its not as fun as it was when I was 12 to open product that doesnt have any exciting jersey's or autos or expensive rookies... (UGH)

Otherwise I was able to pick up a box of Series One retail, Pinnacle, and some random packs. I really like the retail because you get the same amount of rookies as hobby and you only dont get exclusives and are short one jersey. I usually dont do that well with that other stuff so I dont mind if I save $20+ on a box.

Young Guns - (7) Got an extra!

The only other thing of note was my jersey... it was a Ryan Smith, not a patch, and it is unique for sure. It is Gray with what looks like a seam going aross the middle. Otherwise the box was average.

The pinnacle made me want to scream, except for a cool Private Signings of Steve Mason pretty cool on card auto, otherwise I wasnt a fan of the rest of the box.

Rookies -
Rink Collection -
Brian Campbell
Breakthrough -
Tough Times -
Ray (x2) WTF
Team Pinnacle -
Threads -
Chara (Black)
Game Night -
Kesler (cool blue?/red)

Last I opened some random packs...

Some UD Series One with NO Young Guns and a Hockey Heroes Header. (3) Packs of Black Diamond
1st - Common Double Jersey (cant think of his name right now)
2nd - Double diamond!
3rd - MARIO LEMEIUX Championship Rings!

Thats pretty sweet pull for 3 packs. Now in my box and 3 packs I have pulle Mario and Gretzky.

I have the Mario up for trade and will probably put some of the other stuff up too when I get around to it. PM if you are looking for anything that I don't have listed.

Thanks for the look! Happy Pack Opening!
Interested in the Mario for sure!
Nice mario
some very nice hits congrats!!
I am interested in the private Signings you pulled.
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