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I decided to start a new trade thread because the other one was getting bogged down at 7+ pages. I am going to be picky on what I trade for the Rizzo and Cano purple, just a heads up. So here we go, lets get some trades done.
[Image: hpqscan0002-6.jpg]
[Image: hpqscan0002-5.jpg]
[Image: Scan09.jpg]
[Image: Scan01.jpg]
[Image: hpqscan0001-5.jpg]
[Image: hpqscan0002-4.jpg]
Interested in the Williams/Boudreau if you can find something you like.
check me for the plate
nice rizzo!
i need that holliday stuff PLEASE!
greekgoony: offer sent

Working on the others
I'd also love to trade for the Williams/Boudreau. Cheers.
very interested in the cano and rizzo
kelbysdaddy: I didn't see anything for it. Thanks though
Bcbaseball: Offer replied to
patrickcpg: Reply on the way
rascrush: I didn't see anything I could use for it. Thanks though
rogerrabbit: offer sent
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