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Full Version: Lot of questions
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Hey guys, collected a lot when i was a teenager, im 36 now. My parents were murdered back in september and having a hard time with it so im going to get back into collecting head first to keep my mind busy. I want to start collecting autographed cards and i heard only to buy upper deck autos, anything else is a gamble. Is there any other reputable companies out there? When i used to collect i collected larry bird, danny ainge, nomar garciapara and mo vaughn, now i want to start getting into tom brady, blake griffin, lamarcus aldridge and young rookie stars. I want to get a nice auto card of matt flynn, i think he has a good chance of being a pretty good qb with somebody like miami. sorry i rambled on just have a lot of questions, thanks for any info
hello there my friend and Welcome to the Zoo..LOL!
First i would like to say that 99% of the members here will help you with just about anything..there are some SUPER sharp folks with mega card-info

second dont focus on a particular card Co. persay...find stuff your heart likes,gives you a shiver when you look at them you know?..that is all that matters really bro.

and third, for every box you buy...there is a high end auto out there you didnt buy...
singles=PC card/u get what u want

and if it is me...i would stay away from UD...they will be filling for chapter 11 bankruptcy here REAL soon...folks are having a tough time with them lately...
Hey man, I'm so so sorry to hear that.

As for you comment on UD autos and anything else is a gamble, what do you mean by that?

For me personally, I like college football, specifically Penn State so before Press Pass lost the collegiate license, Press Pass was my favorite. Now Upper Deck has it so now I look for Upper Deck stuff. Since Penn State has such a plain uniform, I can sometimes get autos from other brands since there is nothing to take off of the uniform. However, Press Pass thought they needed to airbrush the stripe from the helmet and that's just dumb.

So for me it's just personal preference. If you are looking at it from a value standpoint, someone else will have to give you that information.
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