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Yeouch I hate paying this much for ONE card LOL But here it is -
Um WoW nice Card!
Woooo nice!
Thanks guys!
Also got this one too -
Wow that was a big dog! lol I saw the Willis and was like the docs prob got that one locked up.
Ummm, you better go back to work quick before you hurt yourself! Wink J/k, saweet a## pick-up!!! Smile
JD - Thanks! The guy had 2 up at the same time and ended one this morning lol Smart move on his part as he'll probably get/got more.

James - Yeah home 2 days and already need to go back lol Also bought a living room set today to be delived tomorrow so REALLY need to go back haha
That my friend was worth every penny! Awesome pickup!!!
Thank you sir!
GREAT purchase D!!!! Definitely 2 phenomenal players there Smile I'd get that baby graded right away, but just my .02 Big Grin
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