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I posted a few cards in there with bad quality (sorry) and I do have plenty more in my org so if you guys are interested in anything, send me an offer as I'm itchin' to trade!
need ur quad diamond please check my bucket to see if u need anything
Bump for the day
Tons of new Cards in my Org!!! Check them out. I'm also picking up some BD tomorrow so be sure to look out for those!
BAH no Penguins... Sad
nice org Wink
tha penguin: I've only been collecting for a year or so now and I have never come across and pittsburgh jeresy or autos. I don't have to good of luck with them!

Unreal: Anything you see?
Added my RNH to my organize. Any offers?
Bump Smile
I aquired a few new young guns. Take a look
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