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Pretty fortunate in some recent Limited/Certified Breaks.

Vick 216/250

[Image: scan0119.jpg]

Dareus 55/99

[Image: scan0117.jpg]

Aldon Smith 42/50

[Image: scan0118-1.jpg]

Green 056/250

[Image: scan0113.jpg]

Green 09/25

[Image: scan0112.jpg]

Ben Roethlisberger 9/9

[Image: scan0110.jpg]

Durham 052/199

[Image: scan0121.jpg]

Denaris Moore 017/250 (Jsy # 1/1)

[Image: scan0120.jpg]

Hankerson 329/499

[Image: scan0116.jpg]

Jernigan 06/10

[Image: scan0111.jpg]

Murray 030/499

[Image: scan0115.jpg]

Murray 002/299

[Image: scan0114.jpg]

Williams / Stewart 2/3 Picked up in a trade.

[Image: scan0109.jpg]
That's one sweet looking Ben!
Sweet cards Mr264 Big Grin
SAWEEEEET Murrays!!!!!! Very nice bud
Dang!!!! That dual auto almost broke out the cat paws!! Wink

(The Murray's are nice too!)
Love those Murrays!! Very nice breaks sir!! Smile
If you are trading any, I'm very interested in the Jernigan. PLMK.
i love the dual auto
Wow youve done good in the breaks lol Just send that Dual on down here to NC Smile
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