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Full Version: Joba Lot FS/FT
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I can do the work of loading it up for a trade if interested. Looking for $8.50 delivered or half BV in trade.

2007 Bowman Draft BDP18 (x5)
2007 Bowman Draft Gold BDP18 (x1)
2007 Bowman Draft Prospects BDPP71 (x4)
2007 Bowman Draft Prospects Gold BDPP71 (x3)
2007 Bowman Heritage 251 (x4)
2007 Topps Update UH312 (x4)
2008 Topps Co-Signers 29 (x1)
2008 Topps Trading Card History TCH2 (x1)
2008 SP Authentic 12 (x1)
2008 Upper Deck 294 (x1)
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