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If you don't care about the story, feel free to skip to the scan! :-)

So I bought a card on Ebay back in October. (One of my bday presents to me.) It was a very cool Timeless treasures patch auto of Arian Foster, numbered to 5. I waited and waited, but it never came. I asked the seller, who I have dealt with a bunch of other times and he said he sent it. I never got a DC# or anything, but I never had problems with him. He was a nice guy, so I believed him and I didn't bother opening a case because I believed it was probably my own stupidity that cost me $70 for nothing. I told him that I bought a whole bunch of stuff at that time, and I was afraid that I had scooped the full envelope in among the empty trash. I couldn't think of any other explanation.

And today, IT ARRIVED! Haha, I was so upset partly because I paid $70 for nothing, but partly because there were only 5 of them to begin with! It was clearly repackaged by UPS. (Which is weird since it was sent USPS) The packaging looked like it had seen a war, but the card was just fine. Weird... a mail day I had thought would never come, came today. The best one ever.

Edit: This was sent on 10/17, haha.

[Image: TheLostArian5.jpg]
One of the worst releases of the year had some really nice hits like this but they were so hard to find and so low numbered
great story man! Ive got a package like that...mine had gone to the wrong sorting was all around the country lol. The package looked like they had repaired it multiple times
Great story and love the card!
Nice card bro, and better story!
Nice card, great story Smile
I guess it was meant to be....have to look at it that way else could ya?

Grats ... hope you 2 are happy together Smile
Cool story. And even better that you got the card AND it arrived in good condition! Congrats on the awesome card!!
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