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Full Version: TRADING!!! (SCANS)
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Here's some new stuff ft (more in the bucket)
[Image: teixieraauto.jpg]
[Image: grandersontoppsauto.jpg]
[Image: asdrubalcabreraauto.jpg]
[Image: venabletcrefauto.jpg]
[Image: colvintieroneauto.jpg]
[Image: teherantcauto.jpg]
[Image: kempginterauto.jpg]
[Image: ericdavisauto.jpg]
[Image: austinjacksonrefauto.jpg]
[Image: arodgypseygu.jpg]
open offer sent
Would love that Vince Coleman and not seeing it your org...Let me know.
wouldn't mind that castro or that rodriguez gypsy queen
Would love the Asdrubal and Kemp.
Would like a shot at the Jackson auto
ca4n6chuck-thanks,responded to

jascards-it's in there now thank you

mr.swanktank-they are both in there now and available,plmk

roger rabbit-checking now

sinman -checking now
Sent an offer...Just threw something out there for it. Feel free to look at anything else in my org.
Let me know about the PM I sent you if you got it.
Open offer sent, but didn't see the Julio Teheran auto in your organize.
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