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I went to micheals a wile back and found the shadow box / frames for around 20$ each.... bought a roll of velcro with the adhesive back and a pack of monkey hooks....

first take the back off the shadowbox and figure out how you want to display the items.
[Image: 80115b7f.jpg]

once you figure it all out take the velcro and apply to the backs of the cards / items
[Image: e4f646fb.jpg]

The backer boards are padded and fuzzy which makes the velcro stick really well!.
[Image: b375b62d.jpg]

Slip the glass frame over and slide the locks in place
[Image: f546b6cb.jpg]

put the monkey hooks in the wall and hang it up ! Smile
[Image: e18575df.jpg]

and hang it up ! Smile
[Image: 0f7250e7.jpg]
fun Cheap and easy.... and looks pretty cool.

will do one with a jersey ... need to frame this today !
[Image: 4bb3ec6a.jpg]
Nice cheap project and looks good.
That's actually pretty cool and may look into doing something like that for things that aren't easy to "display".

I built a plaque that I'll display below but it cost me a little more and took a lot more time but I like how yours turned out once on the wall.
Pretty good looking! Nice job!
Dang that looks pretty sweet!
Very cool!!! I will frame a jersey like that for sure...
they come in a few sizes... and there is one thats around 50$ that is freaking huge!
[Image: dc081371.jpg]
Very cool!
AWESOME!!!! I'm gonna try it Smile
Looks good man! I did my DRC jerseys for $30 a piece:

[Image: 2012-01-16132238.jpg]

[Image: 2012-01-16132250.jpg]
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