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Full Version: ORG errors
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So, has anybody else been having Organize errors with inventory? Seems like since the last beckett update, Cards that were traded away are now showing up back in my organize for trade. I'm also listing double to triple of the same cards. Not sure if this is isolated or anything? but i'm constantly having to tell people cards were already traded away because they've shown back up on my org. The program used to be pretty good about moving them from my org to traded away, but not so much anymore. anybody have an information on this?
i got the same thing I notice lately,

a few folks ask for cards that I traded away already to other beckett folks and cards I have on my want folder folks are asking for too
Does anybody plan on addressing this or in typical beckett fashion, are you going to continue to ignore us and let us keep paying because you know we've got no other options.
I was putting together a trade and many of the cards selected showed up twice.

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