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I bought this card awhile back on eBay. At the time, I was/am still sort of figuring everything out about the hobby. I bought this because I thought it was cool that it had two of the QBs from that superbowl autographed on it. However, this card doesn't come autographed, so it was autographed in person or it's a fake. What is your opinion? Should I send it to PSA/DNA for authentication? or just keep it as is? Here is the card in question.


i dont know either auto's really but if i were you i would look at the bay and find a few and compare...if they are close looking i would be kinda cool to have it in a slab. PSA or whoever..
I have a ton of hasselbeck autos and the hasselbeck looks legit to me but I haven't seen. Lot roethlisberg autos.
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