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I went to my LCS & saw 3 packs left of 11-12 Certified. I initially bought 2 & got:

Cam Fowler jersey #/399 in 1

Luke Schenn Mirror Red Parallel #/199

Eyeing the last pack, I felt I just had to get it. I opened it up & got...


Yep. No jersey, no auto, no parallel, just 6 basic cards. The lesson here is that sometimes the last pack should remain unopened.

The Schenn & Fowler are both available for trade.
That's a shame. I bought the last pack out of a box of Certified today and ended up with two hits stuck together in the pack. Not a hot box at all, the base cards were normal, but I ended up with a Reimer Mirror Blue jersey and a Niemi Mirror Blue auto, both #/d to 99. My ten packs of Black Diamond weren't all that great though, Lemieux quad, Bouwmeester jersey and a couple triple diamond RC's. Not terrible, but the last pack rule always seems to help me out.

that happen to me on SPA a few years ago and I will never touch that product again or buy any wax from that shop
Rough go! Hopefully you will be able to redeem this poor break on your next purchase. Good luck!

nice pack grabs
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