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Full Version: Feedback Error
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I completed a trade and left feedback but for whatever reason it marked the feedback as all 0's. I didn't click on any of the stars so it shouldn't have left anything. Who do I talk to about deleting it for the other trader's feedback so that we can try it again?

I have that problem too. I completed a trade that went smoothly with no problems and the trader left remarks "Great Trade!!!" but hit all zero's so I got negative feedback. Is there a way to fix that?

Please let me know the name of the other trader so I can get you added to the list.
other member is homerjg007
I accidentally left negative feedback for gamblersheaven. I left a positive note, but left feedback before clicking the stars(noob move) and it automatically left negative. Please reverse it if you can.
thanks CEOCARDS!

the trader is sky300x3
(01-28-2012 02:18 PM)jynkeys Wrote: [ -> ]other member is homerjg007

What? You left a Neg for Homer? That's a very serious crime there son, I believe the penalty is castration by duck Smile LOL
Negative feedback has not been removed for homerjg007 and i put it on the list some time ago
That's because there isn't a fix yet. All we can do now is keep track of who this has happened to (ie - "the list") so that when a fix is implemented by Beckett we know who to fix.
Add my name to the list. Negative left for bghoosier from hiflew. Can you please remove it ASAP? Thank you.
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