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Full Version: 4 more Limited boxes
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Tried my luck on four more Limited boxes. First three were not so hot but the last box opened had a nice hit:

One color jersey cards of:
Martin St. Louis
David Krejci
Paul Stastny

Two color base jersey

[Image: forsale036.jpg]

Isles triple jersey

[Image: forsale032.jpg]

Rangers Goalies

[Image: forsale038.jpg]


[Image: forsale033.jpg]

Auto jersey in one of the boxes;

4/25 Kane

[Image: forsale037.jpg]

Rookie auto

[Image: forsale040.jpg]

These two autos were in one pack. Neely is on card.

[Image: forsale042-1.jpg]
[Image: forsale043-1.jpg]

This card was in the last pack that I opened today and good reason to stop the break:

[Image: forsale041.jpg]

Good luck with your breaks!
sick breaks bro congrats, any Red Wings/Mark Messiers I'd be happy to take off your hands!
Awesome hits! That Landeskog is a great one! If you are trading the Emelin, I would be interested!

Wow nice hits
you did very well congrats
Not bad at all. Great hits!
Very nice! I like that Islanders triple jersey card, though Lord knows why they still include DiPietro on them.
Interested in the Rangers Goalies.
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