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got some mid 90's marino inserts for my pc .... among a ton of other crap! Smile

[Image: 73b4b958.jpg]
[Image: 0944e361.jpg]
[Image: ff2fe991.jpg]
[Image: e837c7c9.jpg]
[Image: 378239f4.jpg]

more to come !
dang that reminds me I have not bought a collection in about a week ha
Love those old SPx cards
(01-26-2012 06:37 AM)jplarson Wrote: [ -> ]Love those old SPx cards


You need to find one of these:

[Image: 97SPxProM1of6.jpg]
looks like one just found me! .... you attached to that?
Sweet adds.....finally got my first Marino auto myself
Nice pick ups. I remeber those old school inserts back in the day before everyone hunted for autos and gu only like now.
(01-26-2012 08:18 AM)phinzphan1372 Wrote: [ -> ]looks like one just found me! .... you attached to that?

Yea, I am. It is part of a matched set of 6, sorry.

1997 SPx ProMotion Autographs
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