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Full Version: Ebay Opinions???
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I am forever buying and selling cards on ebay....mostly graded cards because I have been burned way too many times on "mint" condition cards.

Let me set up my question. I bought a card today, nothing too special but I like the older stuff. It was a 1972 George Blanda graded BVG 8.0. The online guide values this card graded 8 at $X Edit: Please don't post BVs on the board. I bought it including shipping for $15 and was happy with that.

Most graded cards that have the buy it now are priced crazy on ebay...I noticed this happen when Beckett stopped the graded magazine. Finally my question, if you are bidding on a card on ebay what kind of price do you normally try to get it for as a % of book. I"m not talking about a card for one of the players you are crazy about but just a card you like.
I'd say no more then 50% of BV. Unless its some great player, brady, manning newton, they probably see aroudn 80% bv
less than 50%
I go as high as my mood will let me ... and the closer to payday the auctions end the higher I might pay..... Smile
I try for 50% but if it is a really nice card that I really want I am willing to pay up to 150% of book. It is hard to find rare Bo Jackson stuff and when I do I try to bid it high because I really want it.
I generally go with what recent auctions have gone for. If none have sold at auction then I just use my "how much I like/want the card" factor.
So for those of you that say 50% of book, is that what you would expect to pay for a card you buy from someone on this site, or say at a card show, or card shop? I'm not disagreeing, I try to get cards for the best price I can I'm just curious.
I just bought a Marcell Dareus auto at about 28% BV for a 30$ card, I thought that was decent, I personally don't have a lot to invest, so I should for anything I can get around %33 or less. As far as trade bait goes. But I only collect Demaryius Thomas and Delone Carter, Carter I may have to pay around 50% to get just because of shipping, but I would go higher than 60% probably for a Thomas, but I would for one of his Letterman cards, I don't know why, but I love the look of those cards.
I collect Bradford, so I always have to pay more than I want. The good thing is, I have only paid more than BV once, from a Dave and Adam's eBay auction. I emailed them to try to get it cheaper, but the guy I talked with wouldn't budge.

If you are talking a percentage, I usually hit about 75% - 80%
This basically only applies to eBay (b/c I don't buy many singles) but I try to get cards for @ or less than 50% BV as well. Occasionally I will go up to 75% if it is something I really want b/c it doesn't show up often or is rare.
Here on Beckett, I usually agree to the offer presented to me b/c it is from someone I already trust or is about what I would shoot for on eBay.
BTW, I only BUY cards if they are for one of my personal collections.

One more thing, I don't usually get graded cards. I almost always buy raw cards but not without a scan of the card. I have had no problems with eBay purchases so far, but they are not that common for me. I prefer to buy boxes and trade the goodies I pull for goodies I want.
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