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Ok so I have about 200 to spend this week and I have two options.

Option 1 is two boxes of limited. I've bought a few already and really like the product. Haven't pulled anything huge, but o busts.

Option 2 is a Larry Fitzgerald/ Jon Baldwin sterling 6 color superfractor. I love this card and fitz is a pc player. I normally don't purchase high end cards though. I feel like 200 is a good price.

What do you guys think?
Go with the card...if your just going tokeep the stuff you pull put of limited anywhere id keep something you knnw is PC
Go for the Fitz
or list the stuff for trade from your other limited boxes so I can send you some cardinals.
PC card
This wud be a no-brainer for me. I'd definetly go with the pc card!! If u buy the boxes, u "could" hit big or u could get crap! At least with the pc card, you know what ur getting.
I'm a gambling man, do the boxes.....
Well normally it would be easy to grab the pc card, but vie been loving boxes lately, and been having Fu with it ya know. Also lately vie changed my direction a little to where I want to collect everything instead of only cardinals lol.

Now the only other thingim wondering is should I get the 1/1 or go for a really nice rc auto or something? I don't have any 1/1 but I domt have a fitz auto's such a hard decision. I really like the super but would love an auto. The super may never some again and I can get an auto any time though ugh lol
it depends, are you a gambling man? I personally would go with the boxes (but I'm insane! lol)
I consider myself a bit of a gambler lol.
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