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Ok so my latest idea ..... If anyone is interested.... I will be attending the Oldest longest running card show in the country on FEB 4. if there are any super collectors who wish to join this list .... I will be using "face time" on my iPhone to show cards I see at the show .... if you don't have an iPhone i will try to use photo bucket -or- we can exchange cell numbers/email addresses. I also frequent 4-5 LCS on a regular basis...and will start doing the same as well as a weekly tuesday night show in johnston RI.

Let me know if there is any interest.

Feb 4, RI, Cranston. Cranston Sports Collectors Show, W. Valley Inn, 4 Blossom St., W. Warwick, RI. SH: 8:30-4 p.m., T: 120, 8′, F: $70, A: $3. Contact: Thomas A. McDonough, 44 Bagley Ave., Cranston, RI. PH: 401-942-1230;
bump .... no one is interested?
Im interested in the 2010 Finest Ricky Williams black printing plate if you see it. Last one I need for the rainbow.
will keep a lookout .... would be amazing if that was there hehe....let me know if there is anything else...also shoot me your needs for the magic set your building LCS has some as well as a dealer at our local tues night show.
Any Colbert 1/1, 2006 flair showcase letters, really any colberts haha...they should be cheap.

I never been to this card show before. Thanks for listing it. Since its on a Saturday (if time permits), I will probably drive over and check it out. Do you know how many tables/ vendors they have so far?
I may have to go check it out. live about 30 min away from warwick.

Will have to beat you thier for the phins stuff i would guess.
I dont have a cell phone, but I need these:

[Image: IMG_0002-9.jpg]

Its 2008, and numbered to 40.
riley cooper 1/1s or low numbered, there are a few non 1/1s i still need
Im looking for 2 Marino inserts...
1997 Upper Deck MVPs Gold /100
2000 Certified Fabric of the Game #26 /100 Career TDs
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