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I built this after busting a case of the product and gathering the cards I needed for pretty cheap, as none of the guys had been drafted yet. They're nice on-card autos, and the first autos for many of these guys. That said, I'm not sure I need to hold onto the set, should I sell it as a lot, individually, or break it up and use it for trade bait? Given that USA autos don't necessarily blow up even when a guy makes it big, is there any advantage to holding on to it for longer? Lemme know what you think. Cheers.

[Image: usa1.jpg]
[Image: usa2.jpg]
[Image: usa3.jpg]
[Image: usa4.jpg]
[Image: usa5.jpg]
[Image: usa6.jpg]
[Image: usa7.jpg]
i'd look for offers on the complete set. that being said wud like shot at k wong if u decide to split it up. john
I'd love a shot at the set. I agree future value may not be as great as one would hope but I'd still like it ti tuck away.
You should try to sell it as a set, but if you do decide to break it up, I'd love a shot at the Trevor Bauer auto!
I would try to sell as a lot and see what happens - someone chasing the Harper may buck up and get them all. Plus there are some folks who chase team USA cards and this is a nice addition to their collection
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