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Full Version: 2011 A&G Box
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I saw A&G on sale last week for $65 or so and I decided to pick up a box. Here are the hits:


The Cabrera is the EXT that was inside the rip card. It was a lengthy internal debate whether to rip it but I decided that the curiosity was too much and I didn't want to sell/trade it and then be disappointed. haha

I have to say that those Bazooka cards are well disguised. I didn't notice what it was until I was sorting through and organizing the minis last night.

I also got one of the flora minis and didn't realize their scarcity until I did some research online.

In the end, it was a pretty fun box. I grade it a B+ (only for the lack of a quality auto, but I won't be too picky).
Yeah I couln't resist ripping one of those, I held onto one for 2 days back in 09 and ripped it.
Pretty cool. I'd be interested in that Bumgarner Bazooka if you're looking to trade it.
I'd take a Rip card over a Marlon Byrd auto anyday Smile
Interested in the mini's (other than the Cabrera, I just picked up one of those the other day)
LMK if you want to sell or trade the mini's.
LF Mini Black Exts if you got any.
nice break bro, I've never seen someone actually rip the rips lol I didn't know that they put the Bazooka backs in I'm really glad I hit one out of a retail pack lol
check me for the hamilton if ft
Nice break, I'd be happy with those results.
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