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Hey guys, as almost of you know I am out of town with my family dealing with my wife's medical issues. Before I left I di my best to get everyone's cards out. I am finding that I made some mistakes in the contents of some of my trades. I am so sorry. If we had a trade, and you get your package and it is not the right cards or cards are missing, please accept my deepest apologies. Please keep track of what is missing/wrong and pm me with what needs to be sent. When I get home on Monday I promise to fix any and all mistakes and get them shipped out on Tuesday. Again I am so sorry , it was pretty hectic to get the family ready for this, and I wanted all of you to get your cards. I guess I messed up a couple.
I hope you wife is doing alright. Keep me posted.
We're straight, Jake. Received mine tonight and everything was right. Hope your wife is doing well... Everyone will understand.
We are good Jake. I received mine today and they were right on. I hope everything turns out good with your wife.
Crap, I was all excited when I found a Honus Wagner in the mail today...I have to give it back now?!

All kidding aside, I hope all is well with the wifey!

Hope everything gets better!
Hope she is doing well.
Got mine today - all is correct here. Hope it is going as well as possible there. Say Hi to Tebow if you see him!


Yea don't worry about it, everyone will more than understand, it's just cards bud, keeping your family in our prayers and thoughts
Got mine and all was good. Hope your wife is ok.
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