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Full Version: 11-12 UD Series 1 Tin
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This being my 5th tin, I was at the point where I would have been happy just pulling a Landeskog, Larsson or Scheiffle YG card. The Nuge has escaped my grasp and I'm at the point where eBay might be my only option

OS - Eric Fehr
All World Team - Niemi
Canvas - Shattenkirk, Berglund (2 Blues cards...)
Ultimate Team - Lucic, Kane
YG - Gustafsson, Da Costa
Hockey Heroes - Sawchuck

Oh yeah; and this

[Image: 8B00518D.jpg]
I got the nuge in a tin too! Great pull!
I havent wanted this card since the release! I have dug all over the place hoping and praying it would find me!! FINALLY!!

Haven't decided if Im going to try to put the set together now haha
Congrats on the great hit! I just hope that he's back in the lineup soon... the Oil need him BAD!

yes the oilers were having hard times for a while, eberle and hall back, just waiting for hopkins now
Congrats on the RNH. I'm really seeing a lot of these pulled from UD1 from these posts. I'm glad they're ending up in the hands of collectors & not dealers, as is usually the case.
so the 5th tin is worth it
Very nice! Congratulations, it is a winner.
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