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Full Version: 2012 PP blaster break
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I HAD to get a new album to put my JJ collection in, but I figured I would pick up a box of cards while I was at Target. The 4 packs for $10 wasn't bad. I pulled several PC cards but all were base cards.
If anyone is looking to complete sets or get cards for their PC's, check my ORG. All cards have been added and all non-PC cards are marked FT. The highlights are: Austin Dillon Blue #53, Jeff Burton Preferred Line # PL2, Snapshots J.J. Yeley #SS38, Target Snapshots #'s 1 and 6 (AJ Allmendinger and Carl Edwards). I also have a Snapshots Kim Coon that is FT (#SS64). I was not disappointed with spending the $10 even though I only got 1 JJ card. Even though they were all base cards, I did get several other PC cards. Anyone wanna trade for these others? You know who I'm looking for.
BTW, I can provide scans if requested.
I need a few more cards to complete my set , when i get my list I will check if you have them.
Also mini, look at mine. I bought a few more PP packs while at target earlier in the week.
Ok thanks.
Here they are 29 42 63 76 80 96. Thats it 6 to go.
(01-23-2012 12:46 AM)minitracer Wrote: [ -> ]Ok thanks.
Here they are 29 42 63 76 80 96. Thats it 6 to go.

Unfortunately, I didn't pull any of those.
Thats ok the season is young. lol
not bad
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