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Stopped by the LCS today to pick up a box of this after seeing some of the pulls on here. I have to say I'm pretty happy.

[Image: scan0020.jpg]

[Image: scan0021.jpg]

[Image: scan0022-1.jpg]

McSorley is a 1 of 1 Smile
Wow! Congrats on the amazing box!

WOW that is an awesome nameplate. Congrats!!! If any of your inserts or Autos are up for trade PLMK.
Great box, that McSorley is awesome. If you feel like trading the Kocur, please check me!
Sweet hits - Thanks for the photos.
OH man.... That letter dropped my jaw!!
I love the Smile in Jim Mann's auto and I love the design of the McSorley card. Having experience in graphic design I always appreciate the design work that goes into cards. Great break.
nice McSorley, and congrats on the great box!
sick #'d 1/1
amazing box

congrats loving the Marty
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