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well, I ended up getting a tin like you guys recommended, its all available FT if anyone needs anything.

UD Canvas
Patric Hornqvist
Zdeno Chara (its a really great iamge actually of him with the stanley cup)

Ultimate Team
Dion Phaneuf
Mark Streit

All World Team
Phil Kessel

Hockey Heroes
Gordie Howe (this is going in the mail monday to attempt a TTM auto, he lives in my town lol)

Young Guns
Cam Atkinson
Gabriel Landeskog
Blake Geoffrion

So 3 YGs, I think I did ok, opinions would be mucho appreciated, since I know jack about hockey lol I'm puttin um in the org now, all are available FT.

Also, in all my base cards, one of them, instead of having the white on the bottom, has silver. Is this a parallel? Or did they just do this card weird. It's Drew Doughty #113. Thanks guys!
Nice Landeskog! I picked up the Rookie Gem of him today and Good luck on the TTM!
Not a bad break! Best luck with the TTM auto! I don't know about the silver card... maybe if you post a scan of it we could help a bit better. Great stuff!

I need both of those Canvas! lol. Lmk if I've got anything for them.
(01-21-2012 07:11 PM)alto4life Wrote: [ -> ]I need both of those Canvas! lol. Lmk if I've got anything for them.

I'll check you right now for um, I'm sure we can work something out, btw did you get my end of the trade yet? Hope the freebie finally gets a new home

Also, NM on the parallel lol It's becayse the way they took the photo, where the fone would normally be on the white ice is actually on a black background, so they made it silver so you could read it lol

IDK on the TTM, normally he doesn't sign, I'm just hoping since he literally lives a mile away from me that he'll do it for a local lol
Didn't get it yet. I'm thinking Monday. lol.
Good luck with the TTM ...I love doing those!
(01-21-2012 11:18 PM)pens fan addict Wrote: [ -> ]Good luck with the TTM ...I love doing those!

I'm kinda going crazy with it right now, I'm sending out a few YGs (no one huge, cards are BV 8 or less lol) and some Score SP RCs to attempt to get signed and then encapsulated...figured hey, if they guy ends up being great, this cards worth tons more signed than not (that's not why I collect, but still) and if he sucks, than the card wasn't worth anything anyway Tongue lol
sweet stuff there...interested in the landeskog ygs if you havent moved it yet...thanks!
Nice hit on the Landeskog!! Kids going to be a beaut!! Keep that one for as long as you can
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