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Looking to finish up a few sets before the new stuff comes out. All of my wants are marked. If you see something send an open offer. As always looking for Tiger cards that I can use. Not looking to trade down and I don't need trade bait right now. I also added a bunch of lineage minis this weekend. I have a stack of 2011 topps diamonds to add still. If you are working on that set let me know. If you see something send an open offer...thanks

All Minis are NNO
[Image: EPSON320-1-1.jpg]

[Image: EPSON321-1.jpg]

[Image: EPSON322-1.jpg]

[Image: EPSON323-1.jpg]

[Image: EPSON324-1.jpg]
Gypsy Minis are SPs

[Image: EPSON326-1.jpg]
McNabb is Artist Proof 9/10

[Image: EPSON325-1.jpg]
Open offer sent.
offer sent
offer sent
Nice Jeter I need the top 3 so I am hoping we can work out a deal. I am going to see what I can add for detroit players as well.
please check me for the ells and cano
Working on responding to offers............thanks
interested in the warren
I updated our trade, the Burnside Flocculence is the last one I need to finish my set!
offer and pm sent. thanks
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