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WTTF 2005 and 2006 Turkey Red White Borders


I am working on my 2005 and 2006 Turkey Red White Border sets. I have lots of White Borders below to trade
(trade at High Beckett)..No longer buying cards and trading Turkey Red Whites for Turkey Red Whites Only
you need to have cards marked for trade in your org before you can do anything on here. look me up when you do, I have some white borders. thanks
(01-21-2012 09:51 AM)jake2009 Wrote: [ -> ]I have some white borders for trade. Check my organize to see if you need any.

I only trade through the system.

I have no idea how to trade here. Do you have to pay some $ 20 annual fee and then list every single one of your card for trade?

The cards you are offering for trade have to be listed in your organize and marked for trade. Organize is free if you keep it under 100 cards or if you have a price guide subscription. Otherwise, it is $20 a year.
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