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Hey all, Today on lunch made my way to the LCS and picked up a pack of Limited and then stopped by Target and got 2 blasters of Black Diamond.

Here's the results

11-12 BD

not scanned
E. Karlsson
D. Keith
D. Krejci
P. Rinne
J. Voracek

Triples and quads
[Image: img079.jpg]

11-12 Limited

[Image: img077.jpg]
all /299 except the Halak /99 (saved for rayeates)

[Image: img078.jpg]
all /99

Really happy to hit a PC card in the Malkin plus it's 71/99 so that's an extra bonus. I think I did real good on the BD with 2 quads and 4 triples.
All for trade except the Malkin and the Halak is already promised to Randi.

Comments appreciated and welcomed.

Nice break! I never knew Tony Esposito played for Montreal!
I need the Oshie base Smile

2 Quads in 2 Blasters doesn't seem too bad!
Real nice break. Could you check me for the Courturier?
I have a double of the quad malkin all-star ill trade for some of your bd i may need for my set. Unless of course you are doing the set too.
Some great stuff there Walt, and thanks for the hold on the Halak! I look forward too the upcoming trade!

Nice dual jersey
Hey check me for the Couturier if MJ doesnt get it. Thanks
nice hits and yea Tony started for Mtl... when I was looking for a macfarlane for his signing this summer that is all I could find

(01-20-2012 07:06 PM)opcfan Wrote: [ -> ]Nice break! I never knew Tony Esposito played for Montreal!
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