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Full Version: 4 packs of BD
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Okay so I bought 7 packs on Sunday and didn't get any RCs but a jersey, 2 ruby, and a 3D so I figured I would go back and get more packs from that box and hit a rc or two. I went back on Wednesday but it was a different box.

So I bought four packs,
Backstrom Caps Jersey White
Zetterberg 3D
Franzen 2D
and last pack this is 10 packs no RCs > Nugent-Hopkins!
You hit a Nuge?!?! Nice! Congrats! Would love to see a scan.

interested in trading for that Nuge...if available. nice hit! Let me know.
I hate you...and trust me I am saying that in the nicest way possible... Haha. Congrats man! I have been trying to pull one for a while!
Very nice hit on the RNH. Congrats!!!!
Congrats on the pull! I'd love a shot at the backstrom if you decide to trade it.
Sweet rnh
that will pay for the box! congrats
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