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Got my second box today and didn't do as well as I did in the first one, but I still got some nice stuff so I'm not complaining at all. Really like this set!

Anyways heres the pack by pack damage

Pack 1
Price Base
Bergeron Base
Lafleur Legend 255/999
M.Staal Base
Pack 2
Lehner Base
Pavelec Base
Stajan Emerald Jersey/Patch 2/65
Rinne Base
Myers Base
Pack 3
Voracek Base
NHL Wild Card Redemption (Mika Zibanejad)
Hall Base
Bouwmeester Base
Pack 4
Niedermayer Base
Vande Velde Rookie Spectrum 18/25
Hejduk Base
Talbot Base
Pack 5
Roy Base
Holmstrom Rookie 293/999
Luongo Base
Benn Base
Pack 6
Lemieux Base
Shanahan Base
Bachman Autofacts
Weber Base
Pack 7
Bernier Base
Carlson Treasured Swatches (white,white) 1/135
Thomas Base
Pack 8
Eller Base
Seguin Base
Kopitar Star 85/999
Giguere Base

Pack 9
Stafford Base
Greening Rookie 949/999
Kesler Base
Kane Base
Pack 10
M.Richards Base
Letang/Fleury/Neal Tundra Trios (White,Black,White) 34/149
Byfuglien Base
Not bad
Decent box! You can move quite a few of those cards easily!

a nice box congrats
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