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Hit up the local shoppe to be severly disappointed to find no ITG ENFORCERS boxes. I had to fill my need with some Pachinko Limited, football and hockey. Here's the 2 hockey boxes:

Base -

35 - John Davidson 251/299
100 - Andrew Ladd 250/299
104 - Nikolai Kulemin 205/299
144 - Jordan Eberle 082/299

3 - Mark Messier "SPOTLIGHT RED" - 07/49

22 -Henrik Lundqvist - 188/299

10 - Ryan Miller - 197/299
12 - Matt Duchene - 043/299

Some Stanley Cup card -
CW - Cam Ward - 111/199

Now, some scans:

[Image: 2012limitedhockeyrcautosvitalegeoffrion01202012.jpg]

Blake Geoffrion - 191/299
Joe Vitale - 156/299

[Image: 2012limitedhockeyjerseys01202012.jpg]

St.Louis - 50/99
Malkin - 21/99

Finally -

[Image: 2012limitedhockeyprimematerials2501202012.jpg]

James Reimer - 12/25 (bulging)
Ryan Miller - 23/25

Nothing huge here IMO, but at least I didn't get some stupid Hanson Brothers auto!! More importantly, no redemptions here, can't say the same for Football of course..
nice break! hit Walt (pens1fan) up for the sure hell be interested
Not too shabby at all! Congrats on the great seams, and those Phenoms look great!

Sweet Miller /drool
Nice break. Nice names. Good patches.

However, maybe it's just me but I'd expect a little more out of these high end products. You see patch or seam cards just like this out of Pinnacle or Artifacts. If you're paying $90 & up for Limited, there should not be any 1 color jerseys in there or jerseys with that small of a swatch.
Man I wish I would have gotten those boxes for my break Big Grin Malkin and Vitale. I need both if your interested in parting with them.
Not a bad break. Interested in the Miller if your looking to move it.
Nice st louis
a few nice hits

too bad no enforcers
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