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USPS announced new rates AND
free DC if using Ebay hopefully Paypal too..

Announcement is here.

Ebay also made an announcement about free DC

Just completed a sale on ebay and a padded envelope with DC went down from $1.75 to $1.64 at 3 oz..These were single cards, but I think that overall this is a great deal!!!
I wonder about multiorder ship option with Paypal..

Just went to Paypal too and it is LOWER too!!!

The free DC is great!!!!
are they cheaper or more? im assuming more since gas prices suck
(01-20-2012 11:00 AM)mikmouse24 Wrote: [ -> ]are they cheaper or more? im assuming more since gas prices suck

If you are mailing a bubble mailer to the USA that cost you 1.71 before it is now 1.95

If you are mailing a Bubble mailer to Canada that cost you 1.98 before it will now be 3.15

Hope that helps.
are u kidding me so now every package i send out will be 2 dollers that is crazy
Wow, I am going to have to slow down on tradeing then, because my wife gets irritated by how much I spend a week now ! I guess they. Had to do something or just stop doing the mail at all !
I guess I'm gonna have to stop trading for the fun of it and JUST trade for what I need and really want. Just heard the same thing from my wife yesterday. She said "I looked at the bank statement and all I saw was Paypal, Paypal, Paypal."
is it cheaper 2 send it out through paypal shipping
I agree it sucks...but even at 50 trades a month, that's only another $12 in postage per month. I doubt it will affect my trading.
only difference in Paypal shipping is DC is only 19 cents and I think it might be free DC now. otherwise it's the same price. Just a whole lot easier than going to the PO all the time.
Can anyone explain how to do the paypal shipping for a trade? I don't sell on ebay, so never really looked into it, but if they are offering free DC I might want to check it out.
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