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Another sweet looking card, htoutlaws. Nice to hear that a big time collector doesn't have anything incoming. Makes me feel better that I have nothing on the way now. Tongue
(12-22-2012 10:12 PM)htoutlaws Wrote: [ -> ]Here is one more.

[Image: 01DonrussEliteTitleWavesTW7.jpg]
2001 Donruss Elite Title Waves #TW7

I gotta get busy. I don't have a thing incoming.

Oh....that was so close to coming my way.... Tongue

Only have on Barry in 264/ fashion, not scanned at the moment, but I will get it so...
Merry Christmas, ht.
Thanks nineof. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

[Image: 98PinnacleMintSilver35.jpg]
1998 Pinnacle Mint Silver #35

And a goodie...

[Image: 99MetalUniversePreciousMetalGems175.jpg]
1999 Metal Universe Precious Metal Gems #17

I overpaid, but had to have it.
Sweet additions, ht. That Metal Universe card is NICE.

(01-01-2013 09:05 PM)htoutlaws Wrote: [ -> ]I overpaid, but had to have it.

We all been there. Big Grin Of course, overpaying for a Sanders card is on a different level than overpaying for a Palmer one. Tongue
Thanks T. I did better with these.

[Image: 99UpperDeckMVPSuperScript65.jpg]
1999 Upper Deck MVP Super Script #65

[Image: 99ToppsMVPPromotion200.jpg]
1999 Topps MVP Promotion #200

[Image: 01QuantumLeafInfinityGreen65.jpg]
2001 Quantum Leaf Infinity Green #65

Thank you for keeping my thread going man. I almost stopped a couple times now.
Nice update, ht. Really like the look of the Quantum Leaf card.

And please don't stop. We're lucky you show off a great collection of an iconic player here. We need more collection threads, not less.
[Image: 00DonrussPreferredPenPalsPP89.jpg]
2000 Donruss Preferred Pen Pals #PP89

More incoming...
Holy hell! That is an amazing looking triple auto card. Very big time card!
[Image: 92WildCardStatSmashers1000StripeSS-1.jpg]
1992 Wild Card Stat Smashers 1000 Stripe #SS1

[Image: 97ProMagnetsS4.jpg]
1997 Pro Magnets #S4

[Image: 98FinestMysteryFinest2RefractorsM9.jpg]
1998 Finest Mystery Finest 2 Refractors #M9

Still more incoming...
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