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I was thinking of adding 1998, but just opened this thread at work. I didn't realize how long it takes to open up. Holy moly. Maybe I should jump to another thread. I'm on a T1 line, I imagine this thread is impossible for some people to look at. Anyone having problems? We have AT&T, but my cable internet at home is faster than this T1 line at work.
I have no problem Smile but everyone should be able to enjoy this Smile I know things are about to get serious real soon Smile
Between 98-99 I have over 900 cards to put up!

How are you making any progress with the scans lady?
(02-25-2012 10:41 AM)htoutlaws Wrote: [ -> ]Between 98-99 I have over 900 cards to put up!

How are you making any progress with the scans lady?

Um, in a word, no. I think it has something to do with my version of paint. I know I did it before. I can't seem to shrink the image/work area enough. I am having to 'grab, click scroll bar, grab, click scroll bar' a hundred times.
What are you scanning cards in at DPI?
(02-26-2012 09:29 AM)htoutlaws Wrote: [ -> ]What are you scanning cards in at DPI?

Looks like 300
I scan my stuff at 96. It's a heck of a lot workable.
Time to get this thing going again. I have some vision issues, and can't put alot in to the puter at home, since I work on them at work. So with a bad left eye, and a complete blur out of the right...

[Image: 98Absolute7-Eleven82.jpg]
1998 Absolute 7-Eleven #82

[Image: 98AbsoluteRetail62.jpg]
1998 Absolute Retail #62

[Image: 98AbsoluteRetailGreen62.jpg]
1998 Absolute Retail Green #62

[Image: 98AbsoluteRetailRed62.jpg]
1998 Absolute Retail Red #62

[Image: 98AbsoluteChecklists10.jpg]
1998 Absolute Checklists #10

[Image: 98AbsoluteChecklistsSilverDieCuts10.jpg]
1998 Absolute Checklists Silver Die Cuts #10

[Image: 98AbsoluteHobby62.jpg]
1998 Absolute Hobby #62

[Image: 98AbsoluteHobbyGold62.jpg]
1998 Absolute Hobby Gold #62

[Image: 98AbsoluteHobbySilver62.jpg]
1998 Absolute Hobby Silver #62

[Image: 98AbsolutePlatniumQuads1.jpg]
1998 Absolute Platnium Quads #1

[Image: 98AbsoluteRedZone20.jpg]
1998 Absolute Red Zone #20

[Image: 98AbsoluteRedZoneDieCut20.jpg]
1998 Absolute Red Zone Die Cut #20

[Image: 98AbsoluteShields20.jpg]
1998 Absolute Shields #20

[Image: 98AbsoluteShieldsRetail20.jpg]
1998 Absolute Shields Retail #20

[Image: 98AbsoluteStatisticallySpeaking2.jpg]
1998 Absolute Statistically Speaking #2

[Image: 98AbsoluteStatisticallySpeakingDieCut2.jpg]
1998 Absolute Statistically Speaking Die Cut #2

[Image: 98AbsoluteTandems5A.jpg]
1998 Absolute Tandems #5A

[Image: 98AbsoluteTandems5B.jpg]
1998 Absolute Tandems #5B
we don't mind waiting for ya bud Wink sweet update Smile thanks Smile
Thanks Pbean!

[Image: 98Aurora58.jpg]
1998 Aurora #58

[Image: 98AuroraChampionshipFever17.jpg]
1998 Aurora Championship Fever #17

[Image: 98AuroraChampionshipFeverCopper17.jpg]
1998 Aurora Championship Fever Copper #17

[Image: 98AuroraChampionshipFeverRed17.jpg]
1998 Aurora Championship Fever Red #17

(Need the Platinum Blue and Silver versions)

[Image: 98AuroraCubes6.jpg]
1998 Aurora Cubes #6

[Image: 98AuroraFaceMaskCelFusions6.jpg]
1998 Aurora Face Mask Cel Fusions #6

[Image: 98AuroraGridironLaserCuts7.jpg]
1998 Aurora Gridiron Laser Cuts #7

[Image: 98AuroraNFLCommand3.jpg]
1998 Aurora NFL Command #3

[Image: 98BlackDiamond118.jpg]
1998 Black Diamond #118

[Image: 98BlackDiamondDouble118.jpg]
1998 Black Diamond Double #118

[Image: 98BlackDiamondTriple118.jpg]
1998 Black Diamond Triple #118

(Need the Quad version)

[Image: 98BlackDiamondPremiumCutPC5.jpg]
1998 Black Diamond Premium Cut #PC5

[Image: 98BlackDiamondPremiumCutDoublePC5.jpg]
1998 Black Diamond Premium Cut Double #PC5

[Image: 98BlackDiamondPremiumCutTriplePC5.jpg]
1998 Black Diamond Premium Cut Triple #PC5

[Image: 98BlackDiamondPremiumCutQuadrupleVerticalPC5.jpg]
1998 Black Diamond Premium Cut Quadruple Vertical #PC5

[Image: 98BlackDiamondPremiumCutQuadrupleHorizontalPC5.jpg]
1998 Black Diamond Premium Cut Quadruple Horizontal #PC5
[Image: 98BlackDiamondRookies28.jpg]
1998 Black Diamond Rookies #28

[Image: 98BlackDiamondRookiesDouble28.jpg]
1998 Black Diamond Rookies Double #28

[Image: 98BlackDiamondRookiesTriple28.jpg]
1998 Black Diamond Rookies Triple #28

[Image: 98BlackDiamondRookiesQuadruple28.jpg]
1998 Black Diamond Rookies Quadruple #28

[Image: 98BlackDiamondRookiesSheerBrillianceB6.jpg]
1998 Black Diamond Rookies Sheer Brilliance #B6

[Image: 98BlackDiamondRookiesWhiteOnyxON20.jpg]
1998 Black Diamond Rookies White Onyx #ON20

Black Onyx 1/1
Extreme Brilliance xx/20
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