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Really like the Laserview Inscription card. I remember trying to complete that set when I was young, but never got it done.
I never got into the set building.

(02-08-2012 07:13 AM)chads-cards Wrote: [ -> ]wow! Thats crazy

Is that good or bad? I thought it was bad. 2004 and newer I need alot of stuff.
(02-10-2012 08:25 AM)htoutlaws Wrote: [ -> ]I never got into the set building.

I hear ya. Not really into it now either, but back in the day, none of my favorite players seemed to have a ton of cards. Plus, the Bengals sucked something awful back then, so it wasn't really fun putting a collection together of pure losers. Lol.
The last time I bought wax was two boxes three years ago, and before that 2000. Wax buying and set building isn't for me either man.
More from 1996.

[Image: 96PacificGemsoftheCrownGC11.jpg]
1996 Pacific Gems of the Crown #GC11

[Image: 96PacificGoldCrownDieCuts3.jpg]
1996 Pacific Gold Crown Die Cuts #3

[Image: 96PacificGridironGoldCrownDieCutsGC1.jpg]
1996 Pacific Gold Crown Die Cuts #GC1

[Image: 96PacificGoldCrownDieCutsPlatnium3PC4.jpg]
1996 Pacific Gold Crown Die Cuts Platnium #3 (PC4)

[Image: 96PacificGridiron41.jpg]
1996 Pacific Gridiron #41

[Image: 96PacificGridironPlatnium41.jpg]
1996 Pacific Gridiron Platinum #41

[Image: 96PacificGridironDrivingForceDF3.jpg]
1996 Pacific Gridiron Driving Force #DF3

[Image: 96PacificGridironGemsGG16.jpg]
1996 Pacific Gridiron Gems #GG16
[Image: 96PacificInvincible49.jpg]
1996 Pacific Invincible #49

[Image: 96PacificInvincibleBronze49.jpg]
1996 Pacific Invincible Bronze #49

[Image: 96PacificInvinciblePlatniumBlue49.jpg]
1996 Pacific Invincible Platinum Blue #49

[Image: 96PacificInvincibleSilver49.jpg]
1996 Pacific Invincible Silver #49

[Image: 96PacificInvincibleKickStartersDieCutsKS14.jpg]
1996 Pacific Invincible Kick Starter Die Cuts #KS14

[Image: 96PacificInvincibleProBowl13.jpg]
1996 Pacific Invincible Pro Bowl #13

[Image: 96PacificInvincibleSmashMouth57.jpg]
1996 Pacific Invincible Smash Mouth #57

[Image: 96PacificLitho-Cel36.jpg]
1996 Pacific Litho-Cel #36

[Image: 96PacificLitho-CelBronze36.jpg]
1996 Pacific Litho-Cel Bronze #36

[Image: 96PacificLitho-CelGold36.jpg]
1996 Pacific Litho-Cel Gold #36

[Image: 96PacificLitho-CelSilver36.jpg]
1996 Pacific Litho-Cel Silver #36

[Image: 96PacificLitho-CelLitho-Proof12.jpg]
1996 Pacific Litho-Cel Litho-Proof #12

[Image: 96PacificLitho-CelLitho-ProofCertified12.jpg]
1996 Pacific Litho-Cel Litho-Proof Certified #12

[Image: 96PacificLitho-CelFeaturePerformersFP8.jpg]
1996 Pacific Litho-Cel Feature Performers #FP8

[Image: 96PacificLitho-CelGameTimeGT71.jpg]
1996 Pacific Litho-Cel Game Time #GT71

[Image: 96PacificLitho-CelMomentsInTimeMT9.jpg]
1996 Pacific Litho-Cel Moments In Time #MT9

[Image: 96PacificPowerCorpsPC16.jpg]
1996 Power Corps #PC16
[Image: 96PacificSuperBowl6.jpg]
1996 Pacific Super Bowl #6

[Image: 96PacificSuperBowlBronze6.jpg]
1996 Pacific Super Bowl Bronze #6

[Image: 96PacificTheZone9.jpg]
1996 Pacific The Zone #9
[Image: 96Pinnacle131.jpg]
1996 Pinnacle #131

[Image: 96PinnacleArtistsProofs131.jpg]
1996 Pinnacle Artist's Proofs #131

[Image: 96PinnacleFoil131.jpg]
1996 Pinnacle Foil #131

[Image: 96PinnaclePremiumStock131.jpg]
1996 Pinnacle Premium Stock #131

[Image: 96PinnacleTrophyCollection131.jpg]
1996 Pinnacle Trophy Collection #131

[Image: 96Pinnacle198.jpg]
1996 Pinnacle #198

[Image: 96PinnacleArtistsProofs198.jpg]
1996 Pinnacle Artist's Proofs #198

[Image: 96PinnacleFoil198.jpg]
1996 Pinnacle Foil #198

[Image: 96PinnaclePremiumStock198.jpg]
1996 Pinnacle Premium Stock #198

[Image: 96PinnacleTrophyCollection198.jpg]
1996 Pinnacle Trophy Collection #198

[Image: 96Pinnacle199.jpg]
1996 Pinnacle #199

[Image: 96PinnacleFoil199.jpg]
1996 Pinnacle Foil #199

[Image: 96PinnaclePremiumStock199.jpg]
1996 Pinnacle Premium Stock #199

[Image: 96PinnacleTrophyCollection199.jpg]
1996 Pinnacle Trophy Collection #199

[Image: 96PinnacleBimboBread6.jpg]
1996 Pinnacle Bimbo Bread #6

[Image: 96PinnacleBlackNBlue10.jpg]
1996 Pinnacle Black N Blue #10

[Image: 96PinnacleSuperBowlCardShow13.jpg]
1996 Pinnacle Super Bowl Card Show #13

[Image: 96PinnacleTeamPinnacle6.jpg]
1996 Pinnacle Team Pinnacle #6

[Image: 96PinnacleMint17.jpg]
1996 Pinnacle Mint #17

[Image: 96PinnacleMintBronze17.jpg]
1996 Pinnacle Mint Bronze #17

[Image: 96PinnacleMintGold17.jpg]
1996 Pinnacle Mint Gold #17

[Image: 96PinnacleMintSilver17.jpg]
1996 Pinnacle Mint Silver #17

[Image: 96PinnacleMintCoinsBrass17.jpg]
1996 Pinnacle Mint Coins Brass #17

[Image: 96PinnacleMintCoinsGoldPlated17.jpg]
1996 Pinnacle Mint Coins Gold Plated #17

[Image: 96PinnacleMintCoinsNickel17.jpg]
1996 Pinnacle Mint Coins Nickel #17

[Image: 96PlayoffContendersGroundHogsGH2.jpg]
1996 Playoff Contenders Ground Hogs #GH2

[Image: 96PlayoffContendersLeather20.jpg]
1996 Playoff Contenders Leather #20

[Image: 96PlayoffContendersLeatherAccents20.jpg]
1996 Playoff Contenders Leather Accents #20

[Image: 96PlayoffContendersOpenFieldFoil20.jpg]
1996 Playoff Contenders Open Field Foil #20

[Image: 96PlayoffContendersPennants20.jpg]
1996 Playoff Contenders Pennants #20

[Image: 96PlayoffFelt1A.jpg]
1996 Playoff Felt #1A

[Image: 96PlayoffFelt1B.jpg]
1996 Playoff Felt #1B

[Image: 96PlayoffFelt1C.jpg]
1996 Playoff Felt #1C
This collection is straight ridiculous!
[Image: 96PlayoffIllusions70.jpg]
1996 Playoff Illusions #70

[Image: 96PlayoffIllusionsSpectralusionElite70.jpg]
1996 Playoff Illusions Spectralusion Elite #70

[Image: 96PlayoffIllusionsXXXI70.jpg]
1996 Playoff Illusions XXXI #70

[Image: 96PlayoffIllusionsXXXISpectralusion70.jpg]
1996 Playoff Illusions XXXI Spectralusion #70

[Image: 96PlayoffIllusionsOpticalIllusions2.jpg]
1996 Playoff Illusions Optical Illusions #2

[Image: 96PlayoffPrime164.jpg]
1996 Playoff Prime #164

[Image: 96PlayoffPrimeXsandOs164.jpg]
1996 Playoff Prime X's and O's #164

[Image: 96PlayoffPrimeBossHogs4.jpg]
1996 Playoff Prime Boss Hogs #4

[Image: 96PlayoffPrimeSurprise7.jpg]
1996 Playoff Prime Surprise #7

[Image: 96PlayoffSuperBowlCardShow5.jpg]
1996 Playoff Super Bowl Card Show #5
One Barry Sanders collector to another you have an amazing collection! Always enjoy looking at your cards, and it also helps to use your collection as a type of checklist and identification tool for cards i need. Thanks for posting and good luck at continuing to add more to your collection!
That's great to hear. I know card identification can be tricky. Luckily I don't really trade, and recheck my dups box to see if I have parallels in there. On more than one occasion it has worked out. Especially those refractors with a little more red in them.
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